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The MSF Circuit RiderCourse!

The Newest Street-Riding Course Developed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation

This is a one-day high-performance course developed in conjunction with the Kevin Schwantz School and the Yamaha Champions Riding School. A large riding area allows speeds more aligned with actual street speeds. Includes visual awareness training and hands-on practice in handling advanced braking and cornering maneuvers.

Are you an MSF RiderCoach? This class may be the most fun "Learning Activity" you can find for your recertification!

See below for all the details and to secure your seat.


Our 2022 Season is Complete - 2023 Dates to be Posted Soon!


What You Get in the Circuit RiderCourse

A full day of training with our handpicked instructors (they have to EARN their place on the CRC training team and we take only the best!). Speeds up to 45-65mph so you get "real world" riding training in a safe environment. Maximum braking practice at 30mph and at 50mph so you get experience and coaching that can save you at highway speeds. A huge amount of secure riding space so you have room to practice and experiment without feeling "boxed in." Opportunities for self-assessment and self-directed learning.

"Fast Eddie" from took the CRC and made a video of his experience. Here is a short clip of his video review - check it out and see for yourself what the class has to offer.



We take you on a deep dive of:

Visual awareness / Smoothness - speed and control operation / Curve setup / Relaxing (breathing!) / Timing / Apex selection / Trail braking / Body position (moving from one position to another - how and why) / Feet - how to position them and how to use foot pressure to your advantage.

You have ALREADY invested...

You’ve spent thousands of dollars on your bike and your riding gear (and money well spent, in my opinion) hundreds of dollars every year for insurance, registration, maintenance, and so on. Protect that investment. Even a minor crash costs us bike damage, insurance deductibles, maybe even lost work time and medical expenses – make the investment in the most critical piece of technology on your bike – the rider. To protect the thousands of dollars you have already invested, and to prevent the expenses associated with even a minor crash, make the decision to take the Circuit RiderCourse with us!

This is your time - you've wanted to take higher-level advanced training for a long time and you’ve promised yourself you’ll do it sometime. Make that time now.

Enroll today by clicking the button on this page. That will take you to a checkout page where you'll enter your payment information. You'll then get instant access to our online resources and an email confirmation with details about the live onsite training and what to do between now and then. We look forward to seeing you in class!

You’ve already made the decision to make yourself a safer rider, it just makes sense to do it now – click the button to get started. You'll get an email confirmation with details about the onsite training and what to do between now and then.

If you are going to make yourself a safer rider, it just makes sense to do it now. We’ll look forward to seeing you in class!

~Ax, Steve, and the rest of the Be Crash Free team

Feel free to contact us with any questions at [email protected]


What We Believe: A short video about why we do the work we do.

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