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Rider Training Risk Management

Crashes, injuries, and claims are all on the rise in rider training. This hurts the student, the Coach, the school, and the industry. We CAN bring these numbers down. Be Crash Free is the only company in the country with the knowledge, skills, strategies, technical savvy, and the trust of the rider training industry needed to reduce these loss experiences.

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Mastering Best Practices 

Whether for 2-wheel or 3-wheel motorcycle training, RiderCoaches will master best practices for consistent range management, early identification of potential problems, and skills for removing "high risk" students BEFORE a crash happens.

We Deliver Value

Our program is built around the mindset and behaviors of the RiderCoaches. The online portion of the training allows the RiderCoaches to learn at their own pace and complete multiple assessments to ensure learning.

In collaboration with your company, we turn rider training schools and coaches into effective stewards of student safety. Effective stewardship prevents crashes, reduces injuries, and improves your loss experience - that's the value we deliver.

MSF Approved

Be Crash Free is the first and only training provider in the United States authorized by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation to deliver RiderCoach training in an online/onsite hybrid format. 


A Common Frame of Reference

We all want to do a good job and to be of service - it's just human nature. Having said that, we often experience uncertainty about what constitutes a "good job," we have conflicts with our fellow teachers, and we stress out when a Quality Assurance person pays us a visit. All of this can increase the odds of unwanted range incidents.

An established common frame of reference (commonly understood, easily accessible, documented, validated by program leadership, etc.) provides a path to quality, consistency of range management and safety practices, and a culture of continuous improvement.

Video-Based Learning

The future of education and training is online, and Be Crash Free is already there. Our interactive online lessons are video-based and include images, animations, live online sessions, knowledge checks, quizzes, and audio files. We track each RiderCoach to monitor activity, completion, quiz scores, and readiness for on-site training.

Results are determined by the choices and actions of RiderCoaches in the field. We lead them to conclude for themselves that the right thing to do is the right thing to do. Stewardship is a choice.


What We Believe: A short video about why we do the work we do.

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