Total Control Training Level I Advanced Riding Clinic April 10, 2020

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MSF Advanced RiderCourse!

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation's Advanced RiderCourse (ARC) is a one-day course that is beneficial for riders of any style street motorcycle. It includes fast-paced classroom sessions with fun, interactive activities to improve perception and hazard awareness. Riding exercises focus on building your braking and cornering skills.

Newest Class from the MSF - Train at Real "Street Speeds"

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation's Circuit RiderCourse (CRC) is now available for registration at our Lancaster, California training site! This is the first civilian site offering this course in the United States.

Low-Speed Mastery

The four hour Low-Speed Mastery course is appropriate for riders of ALL types of motorcycles. Topics include: * Relaxing on the motorcycle * Advanced Clutch and Brake control * Turn transition techniques. All this while receiving individualized instruction from our expert instructors.

MSF 3-Wheel BRCu

This course includes approximately 8 hours of teaching instruction. You will learn about your motorcycle and practice riding in a closed course environment * Visual awareness * Smoothness * Curve Setup * Braking * ...and more! All this while receiving individualized instruction from our expert instructors.


Riding Tips Collection

The complete collection of Monthly Riding Tips created by Be Crash Free (and a few extras thrown in for good measure.) We hope you find them useful.
Riding Tip Videos

Virtual Reality App!

Now available on the App Store and GooglePlay, the Be Crash Free virtual reality motorcycle safety app brings the field of rider training into the 21st century.
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What I Believe

A short video about why I have chosen to do this work.