RiderCoach Prep: The Next Generation

MSF-approved hybrid online/on-site program to maximize learning and preparation. Customizable to the needs of your program. In this time of COVID-19, it's the ONLY way to run RCPs Safely, Effectively, and Efficiently.

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Clarity and Accuracy

Your RiderCoaches get a consistent message regarding the what, the why, and the how of the BRCu - not our opinions and feelings about it. We provide a clear distinction between what's a policy and what's a preference.

We Deliver Value

Online learning turns a 7-day in-person RCP into 4 days of onsite time (e.g., 2 consecutive weekends). RiderCoaches learn at their own pace and complete multiple assessments to ensure learning. Lessons can be repeated as often as desired.

MSF Approved

Be Crash Free is the first and only provider authorized by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation to deliver RiderCoach Preps in this online/onsite hybrid format. 

Video-Based Learning

Our online lessons are video-based and include images, animations, live online sessions, knowledge checks, quizzes, pre-course assignments, and audio files (e.g. an audiobook version of RCG Tab 5, Tab 7, and range cards). We track each candidate to monitor activity, completion, quiz scores, and readiness for on-site training.


Armene' Piper, Owner of Clutch Motorcycle School

Having access to the RCP materials prior to the training was a significant benefit. It gave me great confidence to know that I had plenty of time to prepare for the class and it took away my usual test anxiety. It was also self-paced so I could access the online portal whenever I had time to sit down and focus. A huge part of my success in getting certified was directly related to the online learning beforehand and the kindness and accessibility of my trainers.

Dale Trythall, Jr., Recent Graduate of RCP: NextGen

“I’ve been a motorcycle safety instructor for 29 years and I’ve been a police officer for 27 years in Pennsylvania. During those years, I’ve attended a lot of training. I want to share the experience I recently had with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s RiderCoach Prep training conducted by Be Crash Free. During the online portion, that’s all done at your own pace which is really nice – easy. When we had any questions, their trainers were always available through emails, text, and phone calls. It was just really a great pace. The online material also helped me be more prepared for my hands-on training when I got into class. They even conducted some Zoom meetings that helped us do Peer Teaching which really created a very low-stress environment, and it was really fun.”


Rick Sigel, Owner of Training Wheels

Not to sound overdramatic, but this is the most impactful update in the past decade. This will be a complete game-changer for years to come for recruiting and training. I can’t wait to get one rolling right away!

After decades of incremental changes within the industry, through your leadership, I look forward to being part of the future of Motorcycle Rider Education and its transformation into the modern age.

A Common Frame of Reference

"How are we supposed to do Range Exercise 8?"

"What is the demo path-of-travel for Range Exercise 4?"

"How are we expected to facilitate the slides in the Level II classroom?"

Your RiderCoaches will get straight answers to these kinds of questions from an MSF-authorized provider. This platform also provides a "neutral third party" resource when RiderCoaches disagree and are in need of an answer.


Professional Development Workshop/Update?

Most rider training programs need to deliver Professional Development or Updates to their RiderCoaches each Spring. But how to gather your Coaches together and still be in compliance with COVID-19 restrictions and best practices? We can host and manage your update through an online meeting platform. We'll take care of managing your content, breakout rooms, polls, Q & A, etc. All while still letting you or your designate lead the conversation. Click the button or send us a message below to start the conversation.

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What We Believe: A short video about why we do the work we do.

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