Low-Speed Mastery

The Low-Speed Mastery course is a four-hour class

This 4-hour course is intended for experienced riders. For purposes of this course; an experienced rider is one who has the necessary skills to ride at normal street speeds comfortably and currently holds motorcycle license/endorsement. The Low-Speed Mastery course is designed to complement and build on the skills learned and practiced in other rider courses. 

Topics covered include:

  • Discover how tension in your body may be sending the wrong signals to your motorcycle
  • Learn how your head and eyes help to control your balance at low speed
  • Practice advanced clutch and braking techniques to assist in balance and directional control of your motorcycle
  • Develop the skills required to smoothly transition between turns
  • Put it all together on a fun yet challenging low-speed circuit

All this while receiving individualized instruction from our expert instructors.


#1. When you register now, you’ll not only secure your seat before they’re all gone, but you’ll get instant access to an online bonus area where you’ll get our Special Report and a short video on Maximum Braking designed to help you be even more successful in your street riding. We call it “Maximum Braking: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.”

#2. As a second bonus, we’ll provide you with the Be Crash Free street riding video tip - Crossing the Line in which Ax discusses how you can self-identify one "early warning sign" of a potential crash. 

#3. And as one final bonus, you'll receive access to the Be Crash Free Street Riding Video Tip - Say YES to Bad Driving. In this video, Ax explains a little about the "Reality, Reason, and Judgment" approach we at Be Crash Free take to riding motorcycles, and how to apply this mindset to Bad Driving - which is a reality we must contend with on our bikes and in our cars almost daily.

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~Ax, Steve, Hollie, and the rest of the Be Crash Free team