Use Video to Connect with your Students

Let's face it - students generally don't read (or at least don't remember) all the information we send them by email. Video is the mode of communication for the 21st century. To learn how to get a custom produced welcome video for your school or program, enter your information below and we'll contact you to talk it over. Below are several examples of welcome videos we have already produced for clients.
NOTE: Student welcome videos may be an eligible use for your state's NHTSA Section 405-F Motorcycle Safety funding.

Enter your name, email, and which course you have in mind (basic, intermediate, advanced, etc.) and we will contact you to set up a phone call to talk it over. Remember to take a look at some of the sample welcome videos below.

Thank you - we look forward to talking with you.



Team Oregon - Basic

Welcome video for the Basic Rider Training course for the Team Oregon Motorcycle Safety Program.

“Ax, these are beautiful…really top notch... I am really tickled at how nicely this comes across. I think (our) staff is going to be very grateful, and our students better off for it…Thank you for being such a great spokesperson.”

~ Pat Hahn, Team Oregon Communications Manager

Full Throttle Motorcycle Training

Welcome video for the basic course at Full Throttle Motorcycle Training in Colorado.


South Dakota Safety Council

Welcome video for the Basic Rider Training course in South Dakota.

"Thanks for the professionally produced welcome and introductory video...Your thoroughness and calm delivery of class content, requirements, expectations, and tips for success during and after the class are something our students will greatly benefit from. You are truly a master at your trade. Thanks much!"

Rick Kiley, South Dakota Motorcycle Rider Education Program Director

Motorcycle Training Services

Welcome video for the Motorcyclist Training Course (basic course) at Motorcycle Training Services (MTS) in California.

"We have been using Ax’s videos for several months now
as part of the confirmation package to our students. The visual cues help to prepare the student and reduce pre class anxiety."

~Tom Edgar, Motorcycle Training Services


Two-Wheel Safety Training (TWST)

Welcome video for the Motorcyclist Training Course (basic course) at Two-Wheel Safety Training in California.

Team Oregon - Experienced

Welcome video for the Rider Skills Practice course (experienced course) for the Team Oregon Motorcycle Safety Program.


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