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This 3-minute video provides an introduction to Be Crash Free, why it was created, and how it can help motorcycle riders prevent and survive crashes.

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5 Tips for Success in Traffic

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Crashing Sucks!

You’ve heard it said that “Crashing Sucks.” Well, it does. The mission of Be Crash Free is just what it sounds like – not crashing. More specifically, “inspiring and empowering riders to prevent and survive crashes.” Here is how it works…

If you are committed making the choices to set you up to be crash free, make the pledge (free copy of the pledge below).
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You ARE Free to Choose...

No one HAS TO make the pledge (the pledge to ride legal, ride sober, ride protected, ride skilled, and ride informed) , but Be Crash Free membership is for those who CHOOSE to do so. The pledge is personal. It's made BY you and FOR you, as well as for your friends and loved ones. Anyone can benefit by making the pledge (see below for a free PDF of the pledge), and when you choose to activate a free membership, you get other benefits as well (see below).

From our Members

"What do I get with a Be Crash Free membership?"

The Pledge

Whether you activate your free membership or not, here is a PDF of The Pledge for you. Now, it’s one thing to make a pledge to yourself—like a New Year’s Resolution, for example. But to hold to that pledge over time is something else entirely. This is where we, as humans, need support to be successful. Be Crash Free provides this support. Your monthly email will contain a riding tip, and also a reminder of this pledge that you have made to yourself about the choices you'll make.

Free PDF copy of "The Pledge

Monthly Riding Tip

Every month, Be Crash Free produces a motorcycle riding tip for members. These tips include riding psychology and attitude, specific items to consider or be on the lookout for when riding, riding skills and strategies, motorcycle handling dynamics, and more. This will typically be a video, but may also be an audio file or article. New riding tips will be announced to members via email. That email will also include a reminder of the pledge they made to themselves—encouraging them to assess their own success in living up to their pledge.

Sample Monthly Tip Video

"YES! I'm in Favor of Being Crash Free"

Monthly riding tips to keep you sharp, and regular reminders of your pledge to yourself and your loved ones are designed to support you in your goal of being crash free. We all have someone who wants us to come home safe and sound (and someone we want to come home safe and sound FOR). Make the choices and take the actions to help make that happen.

Do You Love Someone Who Rides?

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When someone you love rides a motorcycle, it’s natural to worry about them (I’m almost 50, and my mother still worries about me when I ride). You want them to be safe – to come home in one piece after each and every ride. You can help them to do that with a membership to Be Crash Free where our mission is to inspire and empower motorcycle riders to take action and make choices to prevent and survive crashes.

Be Crash Free is built on the idea that riders make choices and take actions every day that affect their safety. We encourage riders to make a pledge to themselves and their loved ones about these choices (a pledge to Ride Legal, Ride Sober, Ride Protected, Ride Skilled, and Ride Informed.)

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