Be Crash Free

1-year Membership - $27.00 USD 

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Be Crash Free - where the independent, risk taking, adventurous nature of riding meets the responsibilities and long term desires of a father, a mother, a son, a daughter, a brother, a sister, an employee, a boss, a coworker, and a friend.

If you are committed to making choices and taking action to be crash free, make the pledge to yourself and your loved ones (the pledge to Ride Legal, Ride Sober, Ride Protected, Ride Skilled, and Ride Informed.)

As a member, you will get:

  • A Be Crash Free membership card, patch, and helmet sticker as well as a hard copy of the pledge mailed to you within 2 weeks. Fly your colors with pride. Show others - and remind yourself - what you are committed to

  • A Monthly riding tips via email (a short video, article, etc.)
  • Discounts on a growing list of rider-oriented products and services
  • A printed copy of the full pledge
  • …and probably most important, a monthly reminder of the pledge you have made to yourself and your loved ones. Keeping our long term commitments present in our minds is key to making those daily choices.

At Be Crash Free, we believe your knowledge and skills are important – and we deliver information and training to our members to develop that knowledge and skill. However, what REALLY makes the difference in preventing and/or surviving a crash is what you do in the "moment of truth." Be Crash Free is committed to helping riders be prepared (mentally and physically) and perform with excellence in those moments of truth. Join us – Be Crash Free.

And you can join with confidence knowing that we have a 60-day money back guarantee!

Ofir R.

"I promised my wife and small kids that I was setting myself to stay alive and come back home safe after each ride...Be Crash Free keeps reminding me of that original pledge I made to my family to always be there for them."

Sunshine B.

"Taking a training course to learn to ride has become the norm, and that’s great. But what has been missing is the continuum of information and reminders about mitigating risks after a training course. That’s where Be Crash Free comes in. Be Crash Free helps us stay on the right path when we’re out there in the “real world” when it counts the most."

We are confident that as a member, you will experience a value well beyond the $27/year investment in your membership.