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In my 28 years of teaching, managing programs, and being a part of the rider training community I've seen what leads people to pass their test on the first try. Five simple strategies can make all the difference in the world and turn worry about a stressful exam into an enjoyable and successful experience. We have put these five tips into a free video training  and PDF summary for you. 

We would love to see every motorcyclist be safer on the road and this video training is a good start toward that goal.

In this video training, we cover the following riding tips:

  1. Speed of the motorcycle – speed is balance and balance is stability.
  2. Speed of the handlebars –how quickly you turn the bars affects the "tightness" of the turn
  3. Rear brake for speed control – gentle use of the rear brake provides stability at low speed
  4. Throttle and clutch together – "riding the clutch" - it's a good thing!
  5. Point your nose and look – we tend to go where we look, so looking at the right place at the right time is key to success.

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~Stacey "Ax" Axmaker, Founder of Be Crash Free and Rider Training Professional since 1991.


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Here is what a few of our graduates had to say.

"The Be Crash Free videos were instrumental in helping me prepare for the...course. I successfully completed the course on the first try and have Be Crash Free to thank for that."

 ~Richard Agbeyibor

 "I just finished passing my basic motorcycle training class! I suggest watching the videos before you take the class. They really helped me out…and I did great on the test!"

~Michael Anthony