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Be Crash Free will create a private app for your school or program that is branded to you (colors, logo, imagery, etc.). Through the app, you get efficient, effective, and accurate communication between the field and the office – streamlining your operation. Coaches will have incident reporting, emergency contacts (one-touch calling), reporting of course results and site needs, as well as course-related resources such as communication skills, risk management, evaluation and coaching, conducting the skills evaluation, range cards, slide decks, and more!

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 Why Your Own App?

We get it - you’re tired of incomplete or inaccurate reports; you’re tired of the time, conflict, and frustration in getting them corrected and completed. Your Coaches want and need quick and easy access to relevant curriculum and school info. With today’s mobile technology, you can avoid these problems that cost you time and money and provide these resources to support your team. You can increase accuracy, completeness, timeliness and reduce staff frustration. AND, of course there is the cool factor…

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What's in the App?

Your new custom app is private and password protected for your team only. It includes your branding, colors/logos, and training site locations. Features you can have in your app include:

  • Streamlined and partially automated accident reports (to include photos and audio recordings)
  • Your policy manual
  • Electronic submission of course results, site and student notes, bike needs, etc.
  • Resources on Risk Management
  • Communication video training
  • Demo path-of-travel videos
  • Teaching materials (Range Cards, Slide Decks, Classroom Activity Sheets, Rider Handbooks, etc.)
  • Student paperwork (waivers, T-CLOCS, course feedback forms, etc.)
  • Lots of content from RiderCoach Prep
  • RiderCoach recruiting
  • ...and more!
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Brandon Pate and James Cooper, Owners of Riders First

"As owners of several ranges across the Midwest, we constantly need coaches, developmental training, and process improvement. Our mission is to place the Riders First. That mission requires us to ensure our coaches are prepared for their classes. In an industry that has been slow to embrace the advantages of technology integration, Be Crash Free stands alone with a solution. Additionally, and most importantly, Be Crash Free does not elect to waver or drift from standards. The ability to train new coaches more efficiently and provide applications that streamline the processes and logistics is invaluable to multi-state organizations like ours. Our company is very selective when deciding who we will partner with. In the case of Be Crash Free, no discussion is needed; we are happy with our experience and working relationship with Be Crash Free."

What We Believe: A short video about why we do the work we do.

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