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Be Crash Free will create a private app for your school or program that is branded to you (colors, logo, imagery, etc.). Through the app, you get efficient, effective, and accurate communication between the field and the office – streamlining your operation. Coaches will have incident reporting, emergency contacts (one-touch calling), reporting of course results and site needs, as well as course-related resources such as communication skills, risk management, evaluation and coaching, conducting the skills evaluation, range cards, slide decks, and more!

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 Why Your Own App?

We get it - you’re tired of incomplete or inaccurate reports; you’re tired of the time, conflict, and frustration in getting them corrected and completed. Your Coaches want and need quick and easy access to relevant curriculum and school info. With today’s mobile technology, you can avoid these problems that cost you time and money and provide these resources to support your team. You can increase accuracy, completeness, timeliness and reduce staff frustration. AND, of course there is the cool factor…

Base App


  • Private App  - Password Protected for Your Team Only

  • Your Branding (Logo-Colors)

  • Your Policy Manual (or similar document)
  • Custom Streamlined Incident /Accident Reports

  • Custom Locations & Directions

  • Custom Emergency Contact #s

  • Course Reporting

  • Communication Training

  • Risk Management Training

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Subscription Plan

Includes Everything in The Base App PLUS...

  • Evaluation & Coaching Training

  • Range Management Resources

  • Demo Path-of-Travel Videos

  • Counselling Students Out Resources

  • Range Cards PDF and PP Slides

  • Skills Evaluation Videos

  • RCG Tab 5 Key Areas Review Video

  • Tab 7 Key Areas Review Video

  • Options such as submitting forms for pay and travel reimbursement, recognizing fellow Coaches for excellence, and more
  • 12 hours of 1-on-1 consulting on topics ranging from administration, employee management, to RiderCoach training and development - all tailored to your business needs

  • 10% Discount on RiderCoach Preps and Coach Certification Courses
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What We Believe: A short video about why we do the work we do.

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