"Patches?? We don't need no stinking Patches!!"

Uncategorized Apr 13, 2017

Not surprisingly, I have a Be Crash Free patch on my riding jacket and a few Be Crash Free stickes on my helmet (gotta fly the company colors!). The purpose of the patch and sticker are to be physical, visual remindrers to members about the pledge and commitments they have made to themselves; to support them in making choices that are in alignment with those commitments and values.

Last week, that patch and that sticker provided ME with that reminder and probably kept me from poor riding performance and an embarassing (and likely painful) crash. Click the short two-and-a-half minute video for the story.

Members - it is my wish that YOUR patch and YOUR sticker serve you in the same way (and many times).

For those who are not yet members, this is why I started Be Crash Free. To support riders in making choices and taking action to prevent and survive crashes. I am very pleased to report that it works! (At least it did for me...I believe it can for you, too.)

Ride well, and Be Crash Free,