BCF3M: The Motorcycle MasterMind Subscription

Online 24/7 access to ongoing professional development for your RiderCoaches (see below for a few examples) and 2 hours per month of business/training consulting for you.

Subscription members also get 10% off all other BCF services including RiderCoach Preps (BRCu, 3WBRC, BBB, UBB, and more), P&P manuals, in-depth risk management training, PDWs, video production, and much more.

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Range Safety and Risk Management

Access to materials to support your RiderCoaches in consistently applying good range management practices. Just like in riding, it's not what we know, but what we DO that makes the difference.

Advanced Communication Skills

Our business is all about communication. Building and maintaining trust, reducing misunderstandings and conflict, how to remove a student from training, sample end-of-day debrief scripts, and more.

Motorcycle Handling Dynamics

Video-based lessons on evaluation and coaching (basic, intermediate and advanced), the dynamics of body position and rear-wheel skids, a video series we call "Balance the Bike," Max Braking evaluation  coaching, and more.


A Common Frame of Reference

"What's the path-of-travel for the demo of Range Exercise 12?"

"How are we expected to facilitate the slides in the Level II classroom?"

"What's the best way to send students when they need to re-ride one of the skill test evaluations?"

Give your RiderCoaches straight answers to (and a common understanding of) these kinds of questions from an MSF-authorized provider. This also provides a "neutral third party" resource when RiderCoaches disagree.

Rick Kiley, Director South Dakota Safety Council

"Whether anyone likes it or not, online learning is here to stay, and the new subscription program offered by Be Crash Free is an efficient and effective way for me to deliver valuable resources and information to our South Dakota instructors. I’m confident the online subscription program will not only benefit our instructors but most importantly, it will benefit the riders of South Dakota."

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Rick Segal, Owner of Training Wheels

"As a member of BCF3M, my subscription has provided me with valuable guidance and updated materials. The materials and tools you provide have saved me a significant amount of time, effort, and money and for that reason, I say thank you! 

You serve as a consultant, lobbyist, sounding board, and agent of change and I am incredibly grateful to your organization for your services. You took an industry that was run like a bake sale and turned it into a bakery. Through your leadership, I look forward to being part of the future of Motorcycle Rider Education and its transformation into the modern age."

We Want to Partner with You

Our desire is to partner with your school or program over the long term, which is why we offer 24/7 access to content and a discount on all other services.

Your investment for this program is $200/month and provides access to all of your coaches. But if you pay in full for the year, you get a $200 discount ($2200/year) in addition to 10% off all other Be Crash Free Services. Click the button below to schedule a call, or reach out directly and we'll be happy to give you a "sneak peek":

[email protected] / 760-881-5257 

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What We Believe: A short video about why we do the work we do.

Professional Development Workshop/Update?

Most rider training programs need to deliver Professional Development or Updates to their RiderCoaches each year. But how to gather your Coaches together and still be in compliance with COVID-19 restrictions and best practices? We can host and manage your update through an online meeting platform. We'll take care of managing your content, breakout rooms, polls, Q & A, etc. All while still letting you or your designate lead the conversation (or have us do it!). Click the button or send us a message below to start the conversation.

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